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By the grace of Allah, beginning of BS Nursing Programme in University of Lahore is a great achievement for Nursing Profession. We hope that beginning step will be milestone of new Era of Nursing profession in Punjab. It is Two-Years (Post RN) and Four-Years BSN degree programme to prepare competent nurses who will develop innovative practical solution to complex health problems from the scientific perspective.

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28 February,2020

The Lahore School of Nursing, the University of Lahore in collaboration with Pakistan Nursing Council and Nati...

30 January,2020

National Endowment Scholarship for Talent NEST M/O Federal Education & Professional Training has awarded- 10 s...

19 March,2018

Lahore School of Nursing, University of Lahore organized a workshop on SPSS and End Note under the supervision...

08 March,2018

The Lahore School of Nursing , University of Lahore give Health education in Social Security hospital Lahore...

12 May,2017

A voice to Lead, Achieving the Sustainable developmental Goals

22 April,2016

Nursing Seminar at Lahore School of Nursing , University of Lahore

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